About Us

Optihealth Care is a company of and for general practitioners. It offers the doctor a simple and digital management platform for a locally adapted system of integrated care for chronic disorders. Early detection (population management) of risks, recording and managing of patient objectives, structured patient follow-up, and process and patient management are key objectives.

Redefining Care from health to w-health

Optihealth platform connects the various stakeholders in the health care industry such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists and patients and endeavors to deliver quality preventive health care through scientific, intelligent and evidence-based control of patient information. The main aim of this program is early detection and prevention of non-communicable diseases. In order to support the platform, we conduct continuous research to develop user friendly devices, tools and concepts, so as to equip the professional caretaker with innovative tools to establish best clinical practices in a responsible and economically viable way.


To establish a value-based health care platform on which every care activity creates value for the patient, for the care actor and for the community at large.


To be a global preventive health care platform that aims to provide highest standard quality care, reduce costs and benefits of each player involved, and eventually lead to a patient satisfaction.